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Thursday, August 24, 2023

You can become a victim of baldness by drinking tea, revealed in research

Tea and baldness: Recently a research has been done in which it has been told that drinking cold drinks and tea can also lead to baldness. This research has been done in China. This information has come to the fore after a study on one thousand men. Doctors also say that these things can cause baldness.

In this time baldness has become a big problem. Men in the age group of 20 to 30 years are also becoming victims of baldness. Some people are losing all their hair till the age of 30. The problem of baldness is increasing due to hormonal changes, poor diet, mental stress and genetic reasons, but do you know that drinking soda, tea, cold drinks and other sweet substances can also cause baldness in men. People who drink these things daily, the risk of baldness is up to 60 percent higher than other people. This has been revealed in a research done in China. Scientists from China's Tsinghua University have done this study. This research has been done by studying the data of people's food habits.

About 1 thousand men were included in this study. His diet included consumption of cold drinks and tea. He had a habit of drinking more sweets in tea and also used to drink more cold drinks. Most of these men were below 50 years of age. Generally, ganjpaan starts after the age of 50 years in men, but in those whose diet included more sweet drinks, this risk has started even before the age of 40 years. Hair loss started in them at an early age.

Excessive consumption of sweet is dangerous

Scientists of Tsinghua University have said in this research that sweet drinks should be avoided. Those whose diet included more sweet drinks in any form had the highest risk of baldness. There is no problem with consuming once or twice a week, but drinking these drinks daily can be dangerous. This can also cause the problem of complete baldness.

What do experts say

Dr. Bhavuk Dhir in the Department of Dermatology at RML Hospital, Delhi, explains that nowadays people are suffering from baldness at a young age. The main reason for this is wrong eating habits and mental stress. Things with high sugar can also cause baldness. This happens because the problem of insulin resistance starts in the body due to excess sugar. This also leads to hormone disabweance. what causes baldness

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