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Monday, August 28, 2023

Job in restaurant, facilities are such that even corporate job fails!

A job has come out in a restaurant in Singapore, in which, along with a hefty salary, there are so many wonderful facilities that the jobs of corporate companies also fail in front of it.

Everyone wants to work in such a place, where along with good salary, good facilities are also available. However, such a good job is not written in everyone's luck. If someone gets a good company then facilities are not available there and if good facilities are available then good salary is not available, but today we are going to tell you about a restaurant which is providing amazing facilities to its employees. Is. Maybe corporate jobs will also fail in front of this job.

Actually, a restaurant in Singapore needs service crew and kitchen crew. If you want to do this job part time, then a good salary is given for that too and if you want to do it full time, then the salary is so much that your heart will be happy. The restaurant will pay salary between $ 10-15 i.e. around Rs 826 to Rs 1240 per hour to part time service crew, while full time service crew will get salary between $ 2750 to $ 3300 i.e. two lakh 27 thousand to two lakh 72 thousand rupees. Will get salary between Not only this, you will be even more surprised when you know about the facilities available apart from this hefty salary.

The first of the facilities available in this job is staff allowance, which also includes additional meal allowance. Apart from this, the employees will get medical benefits and health examination subsidy, as well as annual dental benefits, that is, if you have any problem with your teeth, you can get your treatment done without spending any money. Not only this, the employees will also get the benefit of annual increment i.e. annual increment and if the employees wish, they can also take study leave.

Apart from this, the restaurant will also give various bonuses to its employees. The first bonus will be given according to performance and attendance and that too twice a year, while the second bonus will be monthly revenue incentive bonus and the third bonus will be referral bonus. Along with this, if an employee wants to do a study course, then the restaurant will also sponsor him, that means the restaurant will bear the expenses of the study. Now if you get such good facilities along with such good salary then who would not want to work here.

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