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Monday, August 21, 2023

Don't just withdraw cash, these 8 tasks can also be done by ATM machine

We all often go to ATM to withdraw cash. But do you know that ATM machine does not only work to withdraw cash, but it has many such features which make these 8 tasks easy for you.

ATM ie Automated Teller Machine, once upon a time this machine was designed to give loose money. Later it has become an important means of withdrawing cash for the people. We all must have gone to the ATM machine at one time or the other to withdraw cash, but have you ever thought that this ATM machine can handle many other tasks related to banking.

ATM machine is becoming a bouquet of banking service in today's date. There are many such features in it which make many tasks related to your banking easier. In these, you can complete these 8 tasks on the ATM machine of almost every bank.

ATM machine work

The ATM machine gives the customers the facility of cash withdrawal from their account. Along with this, it is also useful for completing 8 financial services.

Card 2 Card Transfer: You get the facility to transfer money directly from one debit card to another debit card on ATM machines of most banks. In this way, with the help of this 'Card 2 Card' transfer, money can be sent from one account to another without going to the bank branch. The limit for such transfers at the ATMs of the country's largest bank SBI is up to Rs 40,000.

Credit Card Payment: You can pay your credit card bill through ATM machines. Especially Visa card company has given this service on ATMs of most banks to promote paperless payment.

Payment of Insurance Premium: You can also pay your life insurance premium at the ATM machine. Apart from LIC, the insurance installments of HDFC Life and SBI Life can be filled from the ATM machine.

Check Book Request: Your check book is over and you do not have time to visit the bank branch. The solution to this problem of yours is to take advantage of 'Check Book Request' on the ATM machine.

Payment of Bills: If there is an electricity bill and you have gone to withdraw ATM cash, then you can pay it from the ATM machine itself. Electricity boards of most of the states of the country have listed themselves on the ATM machines of the banks.

Registration of Mobile Banking: You want to get all the updates related to your bank account on your mobile. You can take the help of an ATM machine to activate this service on your phone.

Change in PIN: You can change the password of your ATM card online like this. But if you have ever gone to an ATM, then here too you can do this work very well.

Transfer to Account: Apart from 'Card 2 Card' transfer, you can also transfer money from ATM machine directly to your account. For this, you just need to know the account number of the account in which you want to transfer money, savings or current.

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