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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Chandrayaan 3: How is the situation now after 24 hours of Chandrayaan-3's landing on the Moon? ISRO gave the latest update

Chandrayaan 3 Landing on Moon: No country had yet reached the South Pole of the Moon. Creating history, Chandrayaan-3 successfully made a soft landing on this part of the moon on Wednesday.

Chandrayaan 3 Update: There is an atmosphere of celebration in the whole country on the success of Chandrayaan-3 mission. Everyone is congratulating each other. On Wednesday (August 23) evening, Vikram Lander of Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed on the south pole of the moon. India has also become the first country to reach this part of the moon.

ISRO Chief S Somnath on Thursday (August 24) gave information about the landing of the mission and what is going to happen next. S Somnath said that like every Indian, we are also proud that this time we have had a successful landing. We are looking forward to more challenging tasks. 

"Lander landed at the designated place for landing"

He told that the place which was fixed for Chandrayaan-3 kr landing, has landed well at the same place. The rover has come out from the lander and is moving on the surface of the moon. We are trying to take it further. Most of today's movements are robotic which will be done remotely. 

ISRO gave the latest update

ISRO also tweeted that all the activities of Chandrayaan-3 mission are on schedule. All systems are normal. Three payloads of the lander module have started. While the SHAPE payload on the propulsion module was turned on on Sunday.


"Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover are healthy"

ISRO Chief told news agency PTI that both Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover are completely healthy and everything is working very well. Activities will continue to happen in the future. Due to the absence of atmosphere on the Moon, objects can collide from anywhere. Along with this, there is also the problem of thermal problem and communication blackout. 

According to ISRO, the lander and rover have five scientific payloads (payloads) housed within the lander module. ISRO said that the deployment of the rover to conduct scientific experiments on the lunar surface will achieve new heights in lunar missions. The life span of both the lander and the rover is one lunar day which is equivalent to 14 Earth days. 

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