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Friday, August 25, 2023

Do not take headache lightly during periods, it can be a dangerous disease of the brain

Headache during periods: Many women have headache problems during periods. In this situation, she takes medicine for headache and gets relief, but if there is headache every month after periods, then it should not be taken lightly.

Many women have the problem of headache during periods. In most of the cases, she ignores it as a normal problem. But the headache occurring during periods should not be taken lightly. Especially if this problem is happening every month, then it needs attention. Headache can be a symptom ranging from migraine to brain tumor. There are fluctuations in the level of hormones during periods in women. Because of this the problem of headache also occurs. In some women, this problem persists every month, but they do not pay attention to it. When there is a lot of problem, she takes medicine and eats. But this headache does not end. In such a situation, it is necessary to get treatment for this problem.

Doctors say that due to low level of estrogen hormone in women, there is also a problem of headache. But if it has been made for a long time, then it can also be a problem of migraine. Migraine is different from normal headache. It occurs in half of the head and apart from the head, it can also cause pain in the eyes and shoulders. In the last few years, the problem of migraine is becoming common in women. This problem is seen more during periods.

Three times more than men

Dr. Pooja Kushwaha, in the Neurology Department at Metro Hospital, Noida, says that the problem of migraine in women is about three times more than that of men. With the onset of puberty, this problem starts increasing in them. Migraine occurs due to change in hormones. Migraine can occur three days before the start of periods. It may remain till later also.

It is also called periods migraine. Because of this, there is a headache during or even after periods. Which can also persist for a long time. If a woman continues to have this problem, then a doctor should be consulted. This disease can be controlled by treatment at the right time.

persistent headache is a sign of brain tumor

Professor Dr. Jugal Kishore, HOD in the Community Medicine Department at Safdarjung Hospital, explains that if a woman or a man has a persistent problem of headache, then it should not be taken lightly. This can be a symptom of both brain tumor and brain stroke, although in most cases this problem can be a sign of brain tumor.

Especially if there is a severe headache as soon as you wake up in the morning, then it should not be taken lightly. Also, do not take any medicine by yourself and eat it. If this problem is happening once or twice in a month then it is not a matter of concern, but if it is happening often then it is very important to get treated.

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