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Friday, May 12, 2023

Who is Linda Yaccarino? Who will take over as Twitter CEO after Elon Musk?

Elon Musk has announced that he is leaving the post of Twitter CEO and also made it clear that the next CEO will be a woman. After this tweet, the name of Linda Yaccarino is coming out for the post of the next CEO of the company, but who is she? Let's know.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has tweeted a few hours ago which is quite shocking. Elon Musk has announced that he is going to step down as CEO of Twitter and has found a new CEO who will take over soon. One thing is clear from the tweet that the responsibility of the post of new CEO of Twitter will be on the shoulders of a woman. After this tweet by Musk, many questions are arising as to who will be the new CEO? Let us tell you that Linda Yaccarino's name is coming out for the new CEO of Twitter , but who is she? Let us tell you.

Who is Linda Yaccarino? know here

- According to her LinkedIn profile, Linda Yaccarino has been with NBC Universal since 2011, currently serving as Chairperson, Global Advertising and Partnerships. Let us tell you that before this, he also worked in the cable entertainment and digital advertising sales division of the company.

- Linda Yaccarino studied Liberal Arts and Telecommunication from Penn State University.

- Linda Yaccarino worked at The Turner Company for 19 years, where she held the position of Executive Vice President/COO Advertising Sales, Marketing and Acquisitions.

- According to Business Insider's report, Yaccarino had earlier told her friends that she wanted to one day become the CEO of Twitter.

- As the WSJ reports, Yaccarino is an industry advocate who seeks better ways to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

Apart from Linda Yaccarino, Ella Irwin's name is also coming to the fore.

Not only this, it has also been mentioned in the Insider's report that Ella Irwin could also be the next CEO of Twitter. Please tell that Ella Irwin is currently the head of the Twitter Trust and Safety Effort Division.

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