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Friday, May 12, 2023

WhatsApp has now announced this after the government issued a notice in the spam call case

After issuing the government's notice in the spam call case, WhatsApp has now announced that users will no longer be bothered by spam calls.

For the last few weeks, cases of international spam calls are coming to the fore on WhatsApp. Several users have reported receiving calls and messages with country codes related to Indonesia (+62), Vietnam (+84), Malaysia (+60), Kenya (+254) and Ethiopia (+251). Acknowledging the issue, the Meta-owned platform has announced that it is deploying AI and machine learning-based systems to prevent spam cases and weed out bad actors from the platform.

According to WhatsApp, AI and ML systems have been improved. The new enforcement will reduce the existing calling rate by at least 50 percent and we will try to control the existing cases. WhatsApp is continuously working on this for the convenience of its users.

WhatsApp followed the talk of the Government of India

WhatsApp has followed the call out made by the Government of India. The IT Ministry had said that digital platforms should ensure the safety of digital citizens and platform users are liable for any misuse or violation of privacy. The ministry also said that the government will resolve all such cases.

AI and ML system will be available in WhatsApp

WhatsApp said that it will deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) systems to eliminate spam and detect scammers. These systems can identify spam messages and block them before they reach users.

What will AI and ML systems do?

WhatsApp is using AI to identify spam messages. AI systems can learn to identify patterns in spam messages, such as the use of certain keywords or paragraphs. This allows WhatsApp to block spam messages before they reach users.

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