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Friday, May 12, 2023

Vat Savitri Recipe: Make this delicious dish on the occasion of Vat Savitri

Vat Savitri Recipe: The festival of Vat Savitri holds great importance in Hinduism. During this, women decorate the Puji plate. Vat is worshipped. In such a situation, let us know which dish you can make to decorate the plate.

Vat Savitri Recipe: Vat Savitri fast is observed by married women. This fast is observed for the long life of the husband. This festival has special significance in Hinduism. On this occasion, women decorate a lot. Vat is worshiped with rituals. After worship, women seek the blessings of their husbands. The fast is broken with Prasad. The puja plate is decorated with many things. Many types of delicious dishes are also included in this.

Many types of sweets are made. In such a situation, some delicious dishes have been told here. You can also make this dish on this special occasion.

Sweet Potato Chaat

You can make sweet potato chaat. Black pepper, dried mango powder, lemon juice and rock salt etc. are used to make this chaat. This chaat is healthy and tasty.

Kuttu Dahi Bhalla

Make Kuttu Dahi Bhalla. Make bhalla by mixing buckwheat flour and rock salt together. After this they can be served with curd. You can serve it by putting sev on it.

Navratan Casserole

Navratan Pulao is made using Basmati rice, fresh vegetables and dry fruits. This pulao is very tasty. This is a great dish to make on this special occasion.

Potato curry

Who does not like to eat Kadhi? Potato curry is made with fried potatoes, curd and buckwheat. You serve this curry with Samak rice. This is a very nutritious dish.

Water chestnut

You can make sheera using water chestnut flour. This sheera is made using water chestnut flour, sugar, ghee, milk and cardamom powder and chopped almonds.

Crispy Potatoes

You can prepare crispy potatoes. Fry them for crispy potatoes. Potatoes, rock salt and ghee will be needed to make crispy potatoes. Fry the potatoes in ghee. After this, put rock salt on them and serve them.

Potato Pudding

You can also make potato pudding on this occasion. To make this you will need sugar, ghee and potatoes. First fry the potatoes in ghee. Add sugar to it. Now mix all the things and serve.

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