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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

To look young, woman spent 8 crores, got 200 surgeries done, now people consider her son as her boyfriend

Lacey Wildd:
A 55-year-old woman from Virginia, USA, has done more than 200 surgeries so far to look younger and has spent more than 8 crores on it. Now when people see her with her son, they mistake her for girlfriend and boyfriend.

Lacey Wildd: Aging is such an eternal truth of life that no matter how much a person tries to run away from it, it still clings to it. Knowing this, people keep on trying to run away from it. There are many people in the world who do not want to look old and for this they are ready to take all kinds of measures. Some try to become young by eating herbs, while some get surgery done. There are many women in the world who have undergone surgery to look younger . One such woman is in discussion these days, who was so obsessed with looking young that she underwent not 5-10 but more than 200 surgeries. She has spent more than Rs 8 crore on surgery so far.

The woman's name is Lacey Wildd , but her real name is Paula Thebert. She is a famous TV personality as well as a model. Lacey, a resident of Virginia, USA, is 55 years old, but seeing her fitness, it does not seem at all that she will be 55, rather people consider her to be a woman of 30-35 years.

Has done more than 200 surgeries so far

According to the report of The Sun, Lacey says that when she was only 24 years old, she had undergone surgery for the first time and since then till now she has been undergoing surgery. She has done so many surgeries that you can't even imagine and she did all this so that she can look young. However, now the doctors have advised him not to undergo any more surgery, as it may prove dangerous for him to undergo surgery now.

People consider son as boyfriend

Lacey says that because of the surgery, she looks so young that even younger men are eager to date her. Although girls are jealous of them, because they get more attention from men. According to reports, Lacey is the mother of 6 children and one of her sons is 35 years old. In such a situation, whenever she goes somewhere with her son, people mistake her for girlfriend-boyfriend, because they cannot even guess the exact age of Lacey.

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