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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The bride and groom kept a strange condition for coming to the wedding, people got angry on seeing this

Weird Wedding Invitation:
The strange card of a couple's wedding is becoming very viral on social media, in which it has kept strange conditions for the guests. These conditions are such that people are enraged on seeing this and are saying that who will go to such a marriage?

Weird Wedding Invitation: Wedding is such a moment in everyone's life , which is very special and people make various arrangements to make this moment even more special. By the way, the most important thing is that the guests who come to the wedding should be taken good care of, they should not face any kind of problem and for this people spend money like water. Although it usually happens that the card is sent to the dear people and they are invited to attend the wedding and there is no condition in this, but at the moment such a couple is in discussion, who distributed the wedding card and Strange conditions were also kept for the guests .

These conditions are such that after knowing, hardly any guest would think of going to the wedding. According to the report of Mirror, this wedding card is becoming very viral on social media, after knowing the terms of which people are calling it strange. Although this marriage is going to happen after two years i.e. in the year 2025, but from now on this card has become a topic of discussion.

In India, usually people wear red-yellow or other flamboyant clothes in weddings, but in foreign countries it is customary to wear white and black clothes, but in the wedding card which is going viral, the guests were requested. It is that they should come to the wedding wearing white clothes only, should not come wearing black clothes. Apart from this, the bride and groom have kept many strange conditions for the guests, which are very surprising.

According to the bride and groom, those who have children will have to bring their babysitter along as there is no provision for babysitting at the wedding ceremony. Apart from this, there is also a condition that in 2025, a reminder will be sent to the guests, on which you can attend the wedding only if you answer yes. If you have not done OK on that reminder and if you attend the wedding, then you will have to bring a chair and a sandwich to eat with you. The bride and groom also say that alcohol will not be available at the wedding, and no one else can come there with alcohol.

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