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Saturday, May 20, 2023

This girl remembers all the things of her previous life, told such a truth that the mother was shaken!

A woman living in America has told such things related to her daughter that people are surprised. He says that his daughter remembers all the things of her previous birth, who she was in her previous birth, how she died and where?

There are some such things, which cannot be completely believed, but still some people believe in those things. Now look at the matter of reincarnation . There are many people in the world who believe in reincarnation, while many people do not believe in it. By the way, those who believe that reincarnation really happens, they also say that after wandering in 84 lakh births, one is born as a human being. Many stories of reincarnation often go viral on social media . Nowadays one such strange story is in discussion, which has forced people to think.

There is a woman living in America, who claims that her daughter remembers all the things of her past life. He has also told the story of his death in his previous birth. The girl's name is Ashli. According to media reports, when Ashli's daughter was only 5 years old, since then she has been telling stories of her rebirth to people, including her mother. At first, Ashli ​​also felt that her daughter was just telling stories like this, she did not take her words seriously, but recently when Ashli ​​started paying attention to her words, she came to know that she was from a past life. talks about.

Ashli's daughter is now 9 years old. According to him, he died at the age of 81 in his previous life and that too in a car accident. That was the year 1942. He also told that in his previous life his father's name was Samuel.

Ashli ​​told that believing the words of the daughter, she found out about the place where her accident had happened, then this thing turned out to be absolutely true. That day a car accident had actually happened at that place, in which an elderly woman as well as her daughter had died. When people also heard this story of Ashli ​​and her daughter, they were also stunned and started wondering whether reincarnation is really possible.

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