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Saturday, May 20, 2023

These 5 effective tips will be useful to make the smell of perfume long lasting

Tips & Tricks:
Many times even after using perfume 2 to 3 times in a day, its smell does not last long. In such a situation, here are some tips. You can also follow these tips to keep the smell of perfume intact for a long time.

Tips & Tricks: You feel very disappointed when the fragrance of your expensive perfume fades within minutes. After using perfume, we want it to smell good throughout the day. But we make some such mistakes which spoil this smell. Even the fragrance of expensive perfumes does not last long.

You also feel a lot of disappointment because of this. In such a situation, here are some tips. These tips will save you from these mistakes. Along with this, the smell of perfume will also remain intact for a long time. Let's know which are these tips.


Perfumes stay on for a long time on oily skin. Use moisturizer before applying perfume. Moisturize the skin first. You can use petroleum jelly and moisturizer that do not smell too much. This will help you to lock the fragrance of the perfume. Along with this, they will keep smelling whole day.


Use perfume after taking a shower. When you take a bath, your skin gets hydrated. If the skin is clean then the pores also open. That's why it is a very good way to apply perfume. It goes deep into your skin. With this your perfume stays vaccinated for a long time.

Pulse points

If you want to retain the smell of perfume for a long time, then you can apply it on the pulse points. You can apply perfume on neck, cleavage, elbows, behind knees and wrists. After applying it on the wrist, do not rub it together. This reduces the fragrance of perfume.

Don't rub

You must have often seen that people rub it after applying perfume. Many people rub their wrists together. But this is not a correct way. Due to this, the fragrance of perfume does not last long.

Dry skin

Avoid using perfume on dry skin. This ends the effect of perfume. So whenever you use perfume, make sure that your skin is moisturised.

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