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Thursday, May 18, 2023

The woman killed the rapist in self-defense and got 6 years imprisonment, ordered to pay compensation to the family as well

The Mexico court did justice to the woman in such a way that any girl in Mexico would be afraid to take such a step. There is also resentment among experts and feminist groups there.

The respect of a girl is being eroded. That monster is ready to scratch him. What will she do after all? Either he accepts the crime silently or he gives a befitting reply. Punish that man-eater in such a way that he can't cast a wrong eye on any girl again. It happened exactly the same. A brave girl beat that monster a lot. The girl, who was burning in the fire of anger, was beaten till she died. But he did not get applause. The law did such justice to him that calling himself a criminal, he was sentenced to 6 years.

Equally, the family of the accused has also been asked to pay more than 16 thousand US dollars. The woman has been identified as Roxana Ruiz. She is a single mother. He himself has given permission to print his name. According to the court, the woman has been raped but killing the accused in self-defense is a crime. Experts and feminist groups are angry with this decision of the Mexico court. They say that this decision of the Mexican court shows the poor record of bringing the perpetrators of sexual violence to justice.

The court said that instead of killing her, she would have hit him on the head.

The woman's lawyer said that this order is sending a message to women that you can protect yourself. But even that has a limit. The accused you have no right to do anything against him. Tell me, while hearing this case, the court considered the murder of RP a crime and said that it was enough to hit the head in self-defense instead of killing him.

What was the whole matter?

This matter is of the year 2021. Ruiz used to sell French fries in Mexico's Nezahualcoyotl. During this, he met a person whom he had seen in his neighborhood. Both went outside. After this, the accused asked him to drop him to his house. When both reached the house, the accused asked the woman if he could spend the night at her house, as it was too late and his house was far away.

The woman agreed and let him sleep by laying a mattress at one place below. But after some time, the accused climbed on the bed of the woman and started trying to rape her. The woman tried hard to free herself but the accused did not agree. According to the information, the woman then hit the accused on his nose. The accused threatened to kill the woman. After this, in an attempt to free herself, the woman killed him.

Ruiz was so frightened by this whole incident that he put the dead body of the accused in a bag and then dragged it out of Ghak. At the same time, the police passing by arrested him. According to her lawyer, Ruiz told the police that she was raped, her forensic test was never done. According to him, an officer even told Ko that the woman might have wanted to have a relationship with the accused and later changed her mind.

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