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Monday, May 15, 2023

The boy cheated on a blind date, the girl was shocked while sitting in the restaurant

Love always starts with a date, but what if someone cheats on you on the very first date. You are finding this very strange to hear. But this is true.

First date is a very special moment in any person's life. If seen, it has become a trend in today's time. If seen nowadays, a special relationship starts with a date. Before getting into a new relationship, most people prefer to go on a date to know and understand their partner. But there are many people who play on this date. The story of one such person has become a topic of discussion among the people these days. Everyone is surprised to know about this.

According to the report published in the English website Mirror, a girl herself has shared this story on her social media. Where she told how a boy cheated on her on the first date and something like this happened to her. About which he had not thought even in his dreams. When people came to know about this incident, people were very surprised and they were thinking that how can someone do this on their first date.

When the truth came to know, the ground shifted

While sharing the post, the woman told that she had to go on a date with a man and when she reached the restaurant, he was already there. On reaching there, he came to know that there he is packing food for his roommates. When he met me, he told that his roommate is hungry and he has to reach home as soon as possible. I felt true after listening to him and I kept sitting in the restaurant believing him. After this I came to know a shocking thing that he did not even pay the bill for the food he had taken.

The woman further told in her post that she was greatly disturbed by this act of the boy. When the waitress came to him for the bill, he told her the whole story. After which the waitress understood my point and resolved the whole issue by talking to the manager. The result was that he did not have to pay a single rupee for this bill and the manager also gave him a wine for free.

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