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Saturday, May 20, 2023

The boss sent an e-mail, the woman mistook it for something else, filed a case of sexual harassment

Ajab Gajab Khabre: A woman misinterpreted some words in her boss's e-mail and filed a case of sexual harassment against him.

A shocking news has come out from Britain. The boss of a company here sent an official e-mail to his project manager. But some such words were used in it, after reading which the female employee became enraged. Then a case of sexual harassment was filed against the person . However, the court's decision came in favor of the boss. Actually the mistake was of the woman. He had misinterpreted the words.

Karina Gasparova worked as a project manager in a company named essDOCS based in London. This company provides 'paperless trade solutions' to its clients. According to the BBC, Kareena claimed that her boss Alexander Goulandris used the sexual words xx and yy in the e-mail, which was a code word for kissing and being ready for sexual activity.

To prove her point, the woman also said that her boss once changed the name of the file to 'AJG'. The woman called its full form 'a jumbo genital'. In view of these things, the woman dragged her boss to court, claiming sexual harassment, discrimination and unfair dismissal.

The woman claimed that her 'sexual harassment' started in 2019. Since she used to reject his words, the boss used to humiliate her in front of everyone. Citing an incident of harassment, Kareena told the court that once her boss stared at her while stroking his hair. The woman says that in April 2021 she complained against the boss. When no action was taken, he resigned.

After this, the case was heard in an employment tribunal in London. Where the judge, after reviewing the evidence, rejected the woman's argument by saying that the perceptions of the incident had been distorted. Apart from this, the court has also sentenced Kareena to financial penalty. Under which the woman will now have to pay 5 thousand pounds (more than 5 lakh) as damages to the company.

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