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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Soon after the breakup, the boyfriend sent a list of expenses, asking for half the money; hot girl

Breakup Story:
A very shocking case related to breakup is in discussion these days. A man has taken amazing revenge on his ex-girlfriend. As soon as the breakup happened, he sent the list of expenses to his girlfriend and started demanding half the money from her.

Whenever a boy-girl joins in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, many changes take place in them, including taking care of each other. They give maximum time to each other, talk a lot, go for outings. By the way, it is usually seen that whenever girlfriends-boyfriends go somewhere for a walk or eat in restaurants etc., the expenses are borne by the boys, but it rarely happens that after the breakup, the girl Asked for the account of every pie, but nowadays one such matter has become a topic of discussion, which has surprised people.

It is often seen that after a breakup, girlfriends and boyfriends start feeling a bit sad. It takes some time for them to recover from the pain and many times it also happens that they remain angry because of the breakup and whenever they get a chance, they vent their anger, but even in anger there will hardly be anyone who Ask your ex-partner to account for the expenses, but something similar has happened in this case. As soon as a girl broke up with her boyfriend, he immediately sent her a list of expenses that he had made on the girl.

Ask for half the money by sending a list of expenses

According to the report of Daily Star, the girl's name is Ellie. She told that she has had a breakup with her boyfriend, but after that he has sent her the list of expenses and has asked for half the money i.e. he wants to share the expenses in half, because he spent the expenses on his girlfriend. But only did it.

Asked for money from food and drink to movie tickets

22-year-old Ellie, a resident of Adelaide, Australia, told that she was in a relationship with her boyfriend Alex for a long time, but recently they broke up, then Alex asked her for petrol expenses, food and even movie tickets. Asked for ticket money also. Along with this, he has also put a condition that he should give the money within 15 days.

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