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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

OMG! The girl made a tattoo on her lips out of passion, but it was destroyed by a mistake!

Lips Tattoo: It became very difficult for a girl to get tattooed on her lips. She went to Colombia to get a tattoo done, but little did she know that after getting it done, her lips would be destroyed. Now she is repenting and warning others.

Lips Tattoo: God has given everyone a different complexion, with which some people are very happy while some people do not like their appearance at all. In such a situation, people try to change their form. Get dangerous surgeries done and try to make your look your own. The interesting thing is that some people also become successful in this, that is, they adapt their appearance according to themselves, while such an incident happens with some people that they have to give and take. One such woman is in a lot of discussion these days, due to one mistake her lips swelled up like a balloon in a strange way.

The matter is such that the girl had to get tattooed on her lips. For this, she reached Colombia and got a tattoo done with pleasure, but little did she know that it could prove to be dangerous for her as well. After getting tattooed, her lips swelled badly. The girl's name is being told as Kaylen .

Cheated then warned others

According to the report of The Sun, Kellen has shared a video on his Tiktok account and told about the incident that happened to him and also warned people that if you are thinking of doing something like this, then before that Think many times, because this decision of yours can also be heavy on you.

Balloon puffy lips

Kellen told that she was fond of getting tattoos on her lips, so she went straight to Colombia. There, lip tattoo professionals put color pigment inside her lips with the help of small needles and after that Kellen came back to her home, but after a few days, her lips got swollen and painful. After several days he got rid of this strange condition. The surprising thing was that despite being in so much pain, Kellen came to give 5 stars to the parlor which had ruined her lips. Kellen told that he was forced to do this.

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