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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Microsoft Build 2023: From AI Copilot to ChatGPT's new browser, see 5 big announcements

Microsoft Build 2023 Event:
Microsoft has made several big announcements at the developer conference. The company is bringing many updates and features related to ChatGPT and AI. See here five big announcements of the company.

Microsoft organized the annual developer conference in Seattle, USA. In this event, the company gave information about new products and features. The giant tech company is also trying its best to maintain the edge in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector. Microsoft has announced new AI updates for apps and services. This includes AI support for services like ChatGPT 's new browser, Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 . Let's see 5 big announcements made by the company.

Microsoft has a big dominance in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry. The company has made a major investment in American AI research firm OpenAI. OpenAI itself has launched ChatGPT. The scope of Generative AI has increased a lot since the advent of ChatGPT. This technology is becoming very popular among the people. Now the big challenge for Microsoft is to maintain the edge of AI sector.

AI Copilot in Windows 11

The giant tech company is preparing to bring Copilot to Windows 11. In March this year, the AI ​​assistant was first introduced for Microsoft 365 apps. This helps in preparing many things like documents, email, presentation. Now Copilot will also be available in Windows 11.

AI Copilot also in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has announced that it will also support AI copilot in Edge browser. It will appear in the sidebar of the browser, where tools like Bing Image Creator are also there. CoPilot will be able to use the content on the Site. At the same time, people will be helped to work on projects in the Microsoft 365 app.

Copilot will support plug-ins

Copilot will also support plug-ins. There will be three types of plug-ins for AI Assistant, including ChatGPT, Team Message Extension and Power Platform. Apart from this, there are also tools using ChatGPT. Copilot will also support third-party plug-ins.

Bing becomes the default search engine of ChatGPT

Microsoft has invested heavily in OpenAI. Keeping this in mind, the company has taken a big decision. Now the default browser in ChatGPT will be Bing. Citations from Bing will appear in the response of ChatGPT Plus.

AI Chatbot also in Windows Terminal

Microsoft announced that AI chatbot will be supported in Windows Terminal as well. The company will do this through GitHub Copilot integration. This will help developers in things like code recommendation, explanation of error.

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