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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

How Zenoti became a unicorn company, what challenges CEO Sudhir Koneru had to face

It is not easy to quit your job and start your own company at the age of forty. But Sudhir Koneru did it. Today his company has become worth 12 thousand crores. The products of his company go to 50 countries of the world.

Any person can taste success in life only when he faces challenges. Sudheer Koneru is the name of one such businessman who took up the challenge at that age. The age in which people do planning to live a safe life. At the age of about forty, Sudhir Koneru decided to start a new innings and became the owner of crores.

Actually Sudhir Koneru is the owner of a company worth Rs 12,000 crore as on date. He has become a role model for the youth. He is the founder and CEO of Zenoti, India's first unicorn company in the wellness category . This is an example in the business world. New entrepreneurs are taking lessons from his achievements.

Career start with Microsoft

Sudhir Koneru has been an alumnus of IIT Madras. He started his career in Microsoft. Where he got promotion by working hard and reached the post of Director. He earned his master's degree from the University of Texas at Austin in the US. This degree has a special role in his career.

Koneru started a small company in 2007 – Samtotal. After earning a substantial amount, his morale increased. And planned to take retirement. He had a good experience of working in the company of veteran Bill Gates for about 16 years. So in the year 2008, he started with a bang with a special business idea.

Emphasis on quality products of wellness

Koneru had also worked in a spa and gym in Hyderabad. That is, he had a lot of experience in this field. He was aware of what the customers want and what kind of quality products are in demand in the market. So he decided to move forward in the wellness, salon and spa industry and no wonder he got success.

First billion dollar startup

Sudhir Koneru finally rebranded itself as Zenotti in the year 2015. In the year 2020, Zenotti got admission in the Unicorn Club, it was a big achievement. After raising $160 million, the company was valued at $1 billion. It became the first billion dollar startup in the beauty and wellness segment.

Access to 50 countries of the world

As of today, Zenoti's products reach over 50 countries in the world. Koneru had once said that he plans to take his company to an IPO in the coming years. According to the information, the value of Koneru's company is more than Rs 12,000 crore i.e. 1.5 billion dollars.

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