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Monday, May 8, 2023

How much money flowed like water in the coronation of King Charles of Britain, you will be stunned to know!

On the one hand Britain's bad economy, unemployment, strike and movement on salary, but on the other hand, King Charles's coronation was a unique display of enormous expenditure and grandeur. The world considered it unique.

The coronation of King Charles of Britain is an important event of this century. On Saturday, May 6, when the world saw the live telecast of the royal grandeur, they were left watching. At a time when Britain is facing economic crisis, unemployment is at its peak and monarchy is about to end in many countries of the world, the coronation of King Charles was unique.

The grandeur at the time of King Charles's coronation was unmatched. Obviously, there is no account of how much money was spent like water in the formalities of this coronation. Still, this cost is being assessed.

How much was spent on the grand ceremony!

The coronation of King Charles III took place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday night. The display of gold, diamonds and jewels during the ceremony was wonderful. But considering the pomp and show that was witnessed in this ceremony, can anyone estimate the approximate cost of this formal event of the British monarchy?

What does cost estimation mean?

By the way, the exact details of how much is spent on any royal event of the UK royalty are not released. But one estimate says that Buckingham Palace has spent up to 100 million pounds on the coronation of Prince Charles. This figure has been estimated by the BBC.

Coronation costs in history

The expenditure incurred in the coronation of the British royal family has its own history. It has been spending more than any other royal family country in the world. According to one information, 20.5 million pounds were spent in the coronation of the late Elizabeth II in 1953, while 24.8 million pounds were spent in 1937 during the coronation of Charles's grandfather.

Britain's current economy

The coronation has taken place in Britain at a time when the economic condition of the country is bad. Inflation is uncountable, the general public is passing through a period of great difficulties. Britain is facing a severe crisis due to unemployment. But on the other hand, the world is surprised to see the royal splendor.

In Britain, doctors, teachers and other government employees are facing difficulties in paying salaries. People are on strike and agitating against the government. In such a situation, most people believe that this event should not be sponsored by the government.

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