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Monday, May 8, 2023

Here the museum took out a strange job, just dusting and wiping the dirty trophies is the work, such people are needed

In today's time, according to which the level of unemployment is increasing, the jobs are decreasing accordingly. That's why one job comes out but thousands apply. One such job is in discussion among people these days. Where people have to clean the dirty trophy in the museum.

Often whenever we were asked in childhood, what will you become when you grow up? At that time we used to take the name of profession like Doctor, Engineer or Architect… But when we grew up, we came to know that how difficult it is to become all these in life. In such a situation, we look for jobs of our own accord because in life, getting a good job along with choosing a right career is a difficult task. But apart from these, there are many jobs in which we have to work less and the salary package is amazing. One such job is in discussion these days.

For the job we are talking about, only one position has been taken out by Manchester United Chiefs and this job is kept here to remove the dust accumulated on the trophies in the museum. But you would be surprised to know that thousands of applications have come for this job as well. But it is not so easy to do this job because for this the company needs such employees who have graduation degree. It means to say that the company needs such people.

Not only cleanliness, these things should also have skill

The club told that many trophies are lying in the club museum located in Old Trafford. Whose dust has gathered and the company needs a boy employee to remove it. A thick layer of dust accumulates on them and the club needs a boy to clean it. A staff of the museum told about this job that the one who will be employed here should know not only cleanliness but also how to put things back right.

Apart from this, the person in the job should also know photography. Apart from this, there will be many other small tasks like this which he should know. For this, they should be given a substantial salary. Apart from this, the staff also told that in this job, attention will be given to those people who have graduation degree.

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