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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Do you also wear bad quality sunglasses to look stylish? know these things

Sunglasses: Many people buy glasses of poor quality after seeing the attractive design of the glasses. But the stylish look can cost you dearly. Let's learn here how.

Sunglasses: In summer many people use sunglasses to protect the eyes from UV rays. But protecting the eyes from the sun does not mean at all that you should take glasses from anywhere. The quality of glasses is also very important. If you buy glasses of poor quality, then it can also harm your eyes. There is no UV protection in these glasses. These glasses can harm your eyes. Scratches come on such sunglasses very easily. Even after that we keep roaming around wearing them. Because of this, there is a lot of stress on our eyes.

This thing can prove to be harmful for the health of the eyes. Along with this, poor quality lenses are thick at some places and thin at some places. This thing is bad for power. Therefore, in the name of attractive design, avoid buying such sunglasses whose quality is poor. Dr. AK Grover, HOD, Eye Department, Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi, has told about some of the disadvantages caused by poor quality sunglasses. Let's learn about them….

Buying glasses of poor quality can cause problems in seeing clearly. Along with this, the eyes become dry with such glasses. There can be problems of itching and burning in the eyes. Along with this, the eyes remain very uncomfortable. There can be a problem of sensation. All these things can also cause serious problems related to the eyes. So avoid messing with the most important part of the body. While taking shades, apart from looking at the design and price, also take care of the quality. Buy such shades which have UV protection factor.

Get these sunglasses

Take sunglasses that can block the sun's harmful ultra violet rays to the eyes. So take good quality UV ray safe glasses. The size of the sunglasses also matters a lot. Take glasses of this size which can cover the whole way of the eyes. Take care of the lens too. Buy glasses with more reflective lenses. They keep your eyes safe by reflecting the sun's rays. Take such sunglasses which you feel comfortable after wearing.

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