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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Bachke Rehna Re Baba: People using fake ChatGPT App cheated thousands

Fake ChatGPT app creators are cheating users of thousands of rupees. You are also not one of them here.

If you have installed ChatGPT app in your Android or iOS phone, then this information is necessary for you. In fact, recently AI has announced that it is launching the ChatGPT app for iOS users and soon the ChatGPT app will be made available for Android devices as well. In such a situation, it is obvious that the existing app was fake, which claims to be official of ChatGPT. Which was created by scammers with the intention of cheating users.

According to the report of a cyber security website, thousands of ChatGPT apps are running on the internet and are cheating users and looting thousands of dollars from users.

According to the reports, some apps are cheating the users and charging more money from them. These apps use a technology called ChatGPT to create chatbots. Cyber ​​security company Sophos found several free apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store that look like ChatGPT but do nothing and all contain annoying advertisements. They force users to take membership of expensive plans.

Fleeceware apps

According to reports, these apps are "fleeceware" because they try to take advantage of users. They keep showing ads until people sign up for an expensive subscription.

App creators taking advantage of users' excitement

Users are enjoying a lot in AI and chatbots, due to which they want to know more about it and want to use it. In such a situation, to download any app like ChatGPT, they are installing from Apple App and Google Play Store, due to which these fake apps are getting a chance to take advantage of this situation.

Earning so much money from one user every month

According to the report, the focus has been on five fleeceware apps that claim to be based on ChatGPT's algorithm. In that, an app named ChatGBT used the name of ChatGPT to increase its ranking on Google Play and App Store. While OpenAI offers basic ChatGPT functions online for free, these fraudulent apps charge users anywhere from $10 (around Rs 828) per month to $70 (around Rs 5,798) a year.

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