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Friday, May 19, 2023

Amazing! 77 years old grandmother married herself, says- I want to be happy

Dorothy Dottie Fideli: A 77-year-old American woman has surprised everyone by marrying herself. The interesting thing is that guests were also present in this unique wedding and the wedding ceremony was organized in the same way as it happens in a couple's wedding.

Dorothy Dottie Fideli: Who does not dream of getting married and everyone wants to make their marriage memorable. What do people not do for this. Some plan to go abroad and get married, while some get married after seeing a beautiful place in the country itself. By the way, it is most important to have a partner for marriage and people spend their lives to find that partner, but nowadays a matter related to marriage is in discussion, which has surprised everyone. Have you ever thought that one can marry himself too? Yes, this matter is something like that, it would not be wrong to call it strange .

In fact, a woman living in America has married herself, not a man or a woman, and the surprising thing is that she is 77 years old. The woman's name is Dorothy Dottie Fideli . According to the Daily Star report, Dorothy had also organized the ceremony to marry herself, just like a couple's wedding. This unique marriage is becoming very viral on social media.

According to reports, Dorothy lives in a retirement home. He did all the preparations for his marriage by himself and also did all the planning as to how and what to do. From decoration to food and drink in the wedding, he himself took up the responsibilities. Yes, it was her daughter's responsibility to arrange flowers and wedding dress and she was also cooking food for the guests. The interesting thing is that all the guests who came to this unique wedding were very happy, they did not feel strange that they had come to the wedding of a woman who is marrying herself.

Dorothy, the mother of three children, told that she was married for the first time in the year 1965, but that marriage lasted only for 9 years. Then she was divorced from her husband. Dorothy said that she wanted to be happy, so she married herself.

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