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Monday, May 8, 2023

Aircraft engine caught fire before takeoff in Brazil

Flight G3 2040: The engine of the Brazilian aircraft was filled with flames shortly before take-off, although a major incident was averted due to the prudence of the pilot. At the same time, so that the passengers do not face any problem, the airline arranged another plane for them.

The news of a fire in the engine of a Brazilian aircraft is coming to the fore. There was a stir in the plane as soon as the fire started . The fire started when the plane was taking off. However, it is a matter of gratitude that the pilot applied the brakes at the right time. The incident is being told of May 4. The plane had flown to Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro.

According to a media report, at the time of take off, some technical glitches had occurred in the aircraft. Due to which the engine of the aircraft was caught in the fire. And the flight had to be cancelled. No passenger was hurt in this accident, after which the runway was closed for an hour. At the same time, the airlines issued a statement saying that the pilot and the rest of the team had followed the emergency protocol.

The airline had a technical problem

Sharing the information, an airline spokesperson said that flight G3 2040 was ready for departure at 5.20 pm on the Rio de Janeiro to Porto Alegre route. Then there was some technical flat in the engine, due to which the take-off was interrupted. However, in view of the inconvenience of the passengers, the airline arranged for another aircraft. But during this the passengers had to face a lot of problems.

A Pakistani plane had lost its way

For your information, let us tell you that recently a plane in Pakistan lost its way due to weather. And by mistake had entered the border of India. After which this plane remained on the Indian border for about 20 minutes, although after the understanding of the pilot, it again reached Pakistan. However, while flying in India, this plane was at an altitude of 20,000 meters.

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