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Monday, May 15, 2023

After how many years did Syria join the Arab League? Know what is its meaning

Current Affairs 2023:
What is Arab League? How many countries are included in this? Syria has recently been re-incorporated into it after how many years and when was it established. Let's know about it.

Current Affairs 2023: What is Arab League? After how many years has Syria been re-inducted into it and what does it mean? Knowing the answers to these questions is very important for the candidates preparing for competitive exams. Often such questions are asked in competitive exams. The questions from current affairs are definitely short, but they are very helpful in scoring well in the exam. Let us know the answers to these questions.

Syria has been re-inducted into the Arab League after nearly 12 years. It was expelled from the Arab League in November 2011 due to the ongoing civil war in Syria and other problems, but has now been re-inducted. In the eyes of the world, this change is being considered very important. It is also an indication that there has been a softening of relations between other countries belonging to the Arab League towards Syria.

This decision has been taken at a time when the Arab League summit is proposed in Saudi Arabia this month. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is expected to attend the summit. This is important for him because he will be meeting the leaders of the league countries together after a long time. The decision to include Syria in the Arab League was taken at a meeting of foreign ministers held in Cairo recently.

How many countries are included in the Arab League?

There are currently 22 member states in the Arab League. Its headquarter is in Cairo. It was established in the year March 1945. Initially the number of its member countries was only 6. Later gradually other countries also joined and now this number has reached 22.

The Foreign Ministers also emphasized the need for some action along with the re-inclusion of Syria. Member countries want Syria to make arrangements to deal with problems like drug trafficking, civil war immediately. The Arab League is going to form a committee consisting of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq with the intention of helping Syria.

After joining the Arab League, Syria will be able to deal with its internal problems. However, joining the Arab League does not mean that Syria's relations with all the member states have been restored. Every country will take this decision in its own way and for this it is completely free. America, Britain and many western countries are already keeping distance from Syria. He is not in any mood to restore relations at present. In such a situation, this approval of the Arab League is very important for Syria.

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