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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

What is GFC Treatment, know how beneficial it is for hair

GFC Treatment: These days due to poor lifestyle many people are troubled by the problem of hair fall. At the same time, GFC Treatment is also very much in trend these days. It works to control hair fall. Let's know everything about it.

GFC Treatment: These days bad lifestyle, dust and pollution have a very bad effect on health. Along with this, it also has a very bad effect on hair and skin. Many people are troubled by the problem of hair loss. Sometimes stress, many types of medicines and treatments also cause hair loss. But there are many options available to deal with the problem of hair fall . This also includes GFC.

GFC stands for Growth Factor Concentrate. This treatment is in trend these days. But what is this? What are the benefits of getting it done? Let's know everything about it here.

what is gfc

The full form of GFC is Growth Factor Concentrate. GPC is in trend these days. This is an advanced version of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). That's why it has many advantages too. It is technically very advanced. This treatment not only reduces hair fall, but apart from this, it also provides many other benefits to the hair. Its process is done through injection. It is not that it is not painful at all. It is a bit painful. During this treatment, numbing cream is first applied on the affected area. It is kept for about 40 minutes. After this 10 to 20 ml blood is extracted. With this, growth factor is extracted from it. After this it is injected at the affected area.

You can also take 3 sittings of this treatment. Talking about its frequency, you can get it done once a month. After the charge of this treatment, it starts from around 6000. Both men and women can do this treatment.

Advantages of GFC

shiny hair

It strengthens the hair graft. It helps in growing hair faster. It makes hair shiny.

reduces hair fall

This treatment rejuvenates the pores. This helps in growing hair.

thick hair

This treatment works to make the hair thick. This makes hair thick and strong.

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