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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Kidney diseases: If you feel cold even in the summer season, then this is a symptom of kidney disease, this is how to protect

Kidney Disease symptoms: In today's time, cases of kidney disease are increasing. Bad eating habits are the main reason for this. Kidney diseases are happening at an early age.

kidney diseases: It is getting hot at this time. But even in this season, if you suddenly feel cold once or twice a day, then be alert. This can be a sign of kidney disease . Doctors tell that if fever is also coming along with mild chills, then it is a sign of kidney failure. In this case, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Do not delay in this matter.

Nephrologist Dr. Vaibhav Kumar Tiwari says that cases of kidney disease are increasing in today's time. The problem of increasing protein and creatinine in the kidney is becoming very common. People are facing this problem at an early age. In many cases, even the kidneys of the patients fail. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to know the symptoms of kidney failure.

Dr. Tiwari explains that kidney disease can be easily identified. Changes in the pattern of urine are its most common signs. If the color of urine is changing, there is difficulty in passing urine or there is a lot of foam in urine, then these are signs of kidney disease. In such a situation, you should get immediate treatment. These problems should not be taken lightly. Due to delay, kidney disease can take a serious form, due to which there is a risk of kidney failure later.

Increasing urea in blood is also dangerous

Dr. Vaibhav explains that increasing urea in the body is very dangerous. This means that the level of toxin is increasing in the kidney. Because of this, the kidney is not able to function properly. In serious condition, even dialysis can be required. The creatine level of many patients also reaches above five. In such a situation, the patient may also have to be taken on dialysis. It is a matter of concern that nowadays cases of increasing urea are coming to the fore at an early age.

Take medicine on doctor's advice

Dr. Kumar says that many people who have kidney disease also take medicines on their own, whereas this should not be done. This medicine can cause a lot of harm to the body. Especially people above 50 years of age need to take special care of this.

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