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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Your feet remain cold even in summer or there is constant pain in the feet... then this can be an alarming sign of this disease.

Cholesterol: If the level of cholesterol in your body is high then your feet may become cold. Along with this, if some other symptoms are seen in the feet, then cholesterol should be checked without delay on the advice of the doctor.

High Cholesterol Signs:  Due to today's bad lifestyle and habit of eating anything, the problem of cholesterol has started increasing. This is becoming a serious problem. The sticky dirty substance present in the veins of the blood is called cholesterol. It plays an important role in making cell membranes, some hormones and vitamin D in the body. Whenever its level is high, the risk of diseases like heart disease, nerve diseases, heart attack and stroke increases. 

Symptoms of cholesterol in the body

There are two types of cholesterol. First LDL cholesterol and second HDL cholesterol... LDL is dirty cholesterol. When it increases, there can be a risk of many diseases in the body. The body already gives the signal of increasing cholesterol (High Cholesterol Signs). Having problems like nausea, numbness of hands and feet, fatigue, chest pain, breathing problems and high blood pressure can mean an increase in cholesterol levels.

5 types of problems in the feet, signs of high cholesterol

1. If the level of cholesterol in someone's body becomes high, then five types of problems or signs start appearing. Feet remain cold when cholesterol is high. This happens in summer days. Due to the coldness of the feet, cholesterol means sticky substance accumulates in the arteries of the feet. Due to which blood circulation is not done properly till the veins of the feet.

2. If your feet are constantly cold, then the cholesterol level should be checked without delay.

3. If there is continuous pain in the feet, then it is a symptom of increasing cholesterol. In this condition, there is pain in the feet while walking because oxygen is not supplied properly to the feet while walking and the pain increases.

4. Whenever the color of the skin of the feet starts changing, then understand that the level of cholesterol has become high. Due to lack of blood in the feet, the blood supply decreases and the color changes. In such a situation, if you sit with your legs hanging somewhere for a long time, then it starts to look purple.

5. If there are cramps in the feet, then it simply means that cholesterol is increasing. In such a situation, the oxygen supply in the legs starts decreasing and cramps often occur at night.

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