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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Should I sleep wearing a bra at night or not? The doctor told this big thing, remove your confusion, it will be beneficial

Often some women are very confused about sleeping wearing a bra at night. Can sleeping in a bra at night cause any problems? Why is it necessary to wear a bra? Learn the answers to all these questions from Dr. Nidhi Shah, Consultant, Breast Onco Surgery.

You will feel comfortable by sleeping wearing a bra at night.

Wearing a bra gives support to the breast and does not become loose.

Women choose the dress according to their likes and dislikes. She likes to wear anything keeping in mind her body type. But, when it comes to the selection of undergarments, especially bras, they do not understand which fabric will be right for them. What type of bra can be comfortable to wear? Which type of bra can be good for the skin? Often women are also confused about whether they should wear a bra while sleeping at night or not? Some women do not like to wear bra at night while some feel comfortable wearing it while sleeping. Should one take off the bra before sleeping at night, can sleeping wearing it cause any harm to the body? We spoke to Dr Vidhi Shah, Consultant, Breast Onco Surgery, Hiranandani Hospital (Navi Mumbai) about this .

Should I sleep wearing a bra at night?

Dr. Vidhi Shah says that there is no problem in sleeping wearing a bra at night. No research related to this has also come to the fore, nor has it been proved that there can be any problem by sleeping wearing a bra at night. It is absolutely not the case that wearing or taking off a bra at night can lead to breast cancer or any other disease. I would suggest that you sleep wearing a bra even at night. This will make you feel comfortable in yourself. If you do not feel comfortable while sleeping at night then choose a comfortable bra. Women who have heavy breasts can sleep wearing a bra at night for their comfort.

Why should we wear bra?

By wearing a bra, your posture and body image look correct. Confidence comes in you about your body. Overall personality looks good by wearing a good fitting bra. Any dress looks properly fitted.

How to wear bra?

The most important thing while buying a bra is that it should be comfortable. fit properly. The bra should neither be too tight nor too loose. Some women sleep wearing a very loose bra at night, which is not right. Due to this, the breast does not get proper support. If you find a padded or underwire bra comfortable, wear it, but the most important thing is that it should fit and be comfortable.

Can not wearing a bra cause any problems?

No such study has come out that if you do not wear bra then you will get breast disease. Yes, as the skin, other parts of the body changes with age, in the same way the breast also looses, so it is necessary to wear a bra to give support. Especially in old age. To think that wearing a bra can cause you any disease or cancer, then it is wrong. Not wearing a bra can make your breast sag, become loose. To give support in this situation, every woman should wear a bra.

In which problems bra should not be worn?

If you have pus, infection, itching, swelling near the breast, then do not wear a bra. These problems get fixed in a day or two. But, there is no problem in wearing a bra if there is lump, cancer. You can wear cotton bra in summer. They are comfortable. Be it clothes or bra, choose the same fabric, so that the skin can also breathe freely.

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