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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Who is Hindenburg's new victim Jack Dorsey? How to start payment company Block

After Adani Group, Hindeburg Research has now targeted Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter Company. Who is Jack Dorsey, let us give you information about this.

After targeting the Adani Group, Hindenburg Research has now targeted Block Inc., the payment company of Twitter's former Chief Executive Officer ie CEO Jack Dorsey. Has been accused of fraud. Who is Jack Dorsey and what is Payment Company Block? Let us give you detailed information about both these questions.

Who is Jack Dorsey?

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of the microblogging platform, launched the new platform BlueSky to compete with Twitter after leaving Twitter. Jack Dorsey has been the co-founder of Twitter from 2015 to 2021.

In 2006, Jack Dorsey joined hands with Evan Williams and launched the microblogging platform Twitter after creating it for the users.

When did Jack Dorsey leave Twitter? This question must also be arising in your mind, so let us also inform you about this, in November 2021, Jack Dorsey resigned from Twitter.

Jack Dorsey was born on 19 November 1976 in St. Louis, USA, he studied at Du Bourg High School. Jack Dorsey was interested in computers since childhood. According to media reports after high school, he enrolled in Missouri College but left the college without completing his studies. Talking about his career, he initially started working as a programmer.

The block was earlier also known as Square. It has been said in the Hindenburg report that many types of flaws have come to light in the company's Block app, which the company is trying to hide.

Let us tell you that after the arrival of COVID, Block Inc. A boom has been seen in this platform, this is because more than 5.1 crore transactions are done through this app. Now you must be thinking that how this app earns, then tell that this app earns 35 percent revenue through interchange fees.

What is BlueSky?

In early March 2023, Jack Dorsey launched Blue Sky, a new application for users to compete with Twitter. Talking about this app, users can follow others, tweet etc. on this app just like Twitter. This app has been made available on the Apple App Store but currently this app is in the testing phase.

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