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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

This Ayurvedic medicine can save you from many kidney diseases, revealed in a new study

Kidney disease prevention Tips: A research published in Biomedicine Journal has revealed that Ayurvedic medicine can protect the kidney from many types of diseases.

Kidney diseases: Kidney diseases are increasing a lot since last few years . People are getting this disease at an early age. Now in a research done on human genes, it has been found that Ayurveda medicine Neeri KFT can control 6 types of genes that cause kidney disease. This research has been published in the Biomedicine Journal . This research has been done at the Center for Excellence of Jamia Hamdard University. Kidney cells CHEK 293 were procured from the National Center for Cell Sciences for this research. This study has been done in many ways. In which many benefits of the medicine have been known.

Research has shown that Neeri KFT is very beneficial in controlling six genes CASP, AGTR-1, IL, AKT, ACE-2 and SOD-1 responsible for kidney diseases. Neeri Kefti ​​is made of 19 special herbs including Gokhru, Punarnava, Makoy, Varun, Kasni, Palash and Giloy. This medicine has been prepared by Emil Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Sanchit Sharma, Executive Director of Emil Pharmaceutical, said that this research shows that Ayurvedic medicine is very beneficial in preventing kidney diseases. Medicine can prove to be a boon for kidney patients.

What does research say

According to the research, Neeri KFT has eliminated chronic kidney disease and any other problems caused by it in the body. It keeps the gene causing kidney disease under control. This medicine also reduces the side effects on the kidneys of Cisplatin, a drug used during kidney treatment.

Oxidative stress is also less

Another great advantage of this Ayurvedic medicine is that it also reduces oxidative and inflammatory stress in the body. This also helps in fighting any type of infection present in the kidney. Oxidative stress occurs when the balance of anti-oxidants and free radicals in the body starts deteriorating. Due to this, the body's capacity to fight against the pathogen starts decreasing. Due to which the body's immune system is not able to fight the disease easily. But with the help of medicine, oxidative stress is reduced. Due to which the body protects the kidney from diseases.

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