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Sunday, March 12, 2023

These apps will not run on Android 14! Google did strong planning

Android 14 Update: Third-party Speed ​​Booster Apps may be banned in Google's new operating system. The company is also preparing to crack down on task killer and memory freeing apps.

Google News: Veteran search engine company Google released the first developer preview of Android 14 earlier this month . Its codename is UpSideDownCake , and the new version of the OS will come with many new features and changes. It will get better battery life , strong security features, support for large screen devices and other great features. If you use Speed ​​Booster apps to boost memory, then you might not be able to use them in the new OS.

According to the documents shared by Google, the common API used for Task Killer and Speed ​​Booster apps will be discontinued in Android 14. However, system apps can use these APIs. This means that task killers and apps that claim to speed up the phone and remove apps from memory will be useless.

this will change

On Android devices, these apps kill background processes or other apps or tasks by using the 'KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES' permission. But on the arrival of Android 14, using the permission will only allow the app to stop its process. They will not have any effect on any other app.

In the last few years, many task killer and memory killer apps like 'Memory Booster' and 'Smart Booster' have made a strong inroads on the Google Play Store.

Many smartphone manufacturers including Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo also pre-install apps that take away other apps from memory, but they are often labeled as system apps. This means that these apps will be able to work on Android 14.

loss instead of profit

Users use these apps for benefits, but instead of benefits, they do more harm than good. These task killer apps take up memory, and this increases battery consumption. This is because instead of loading the app from the cached memory by Android, it has to be reloaded through the system.

google's policy

The Google Play Store already has a policy for misleading information and apps making misleading claims such as enhancing device performance. However, the tech company has not yet taken any action on those apps which claim to boost performance by removing apps from memory. But things may change with Android 14 and the company may start cracking down on apps that violate the Play Store policy.

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