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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Why can't you sell the trophy after winning an Oscar? Academy will buy then give only 800 rupees

Oscars 2023: There are many questions in people's mind regarding the Oscar Award. What would happen if someone wanted to sell the world's biggest award? How much will it cost him? Let us know in detail some rules of Oscar.

Oscars Facts: Preparations for the Oscar Awards are going on in full swing. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the world's biggest award show. Oscar is considered the most valuable award and it has a dignity. That's why no one can sell this award . It has its own specialty and because of this there are strict rules regarding this award. There is confusion in the minds of people that if someone has won the Oscar Award, can he sell that Oscar Award as well. And if someone sells his Oscar Award, how much will he get for it.

Regarding the golden colored Oscar Award, first of all people have the illusion that this whole trophy is of gold. Whereas it is not so. The Oscar Award is made of bronze, over which a layer of 24-carat gold is offered. Accordingly, its price should be very high. Then this question can also come in mind that if someone sells this award then how much money will he get for it.

How much does it cost?

It costs 1000 dollars i.e. about 82 thousand rupees to make an Oscar award. This award is 13.5 inches long and weighs 450 grams. But according to the rules, you cannot sell this award.

What does the rule say?

This award show is given on some best performance and it has a standard. That's why it cannot be measured with money. If an Oscar winner tries to sell his or her award, he or she will immediately receive a call from the Academy's legal team, telling them that none of the Oscar trophies can be sold and that the first right to sell them is that person. It is near the academy itself. Means if someone wants to sell this award, then he can sell it to the academy only and for this he will get only 10 dollars i.e. 820 rupees. In such a situation, the Academy is emphasizing that the purpose of the award is not to earn money but to promote a talent and because of this this big award is not for sale.

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