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Sunday, March 12, 2023

People wandering from door to door in Poland looting shops to fill their stomachs

Poland Theft Case Increase:
Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, inflation has increased so much that people in neighboring Poland are resorting to looting and theft. According to Poland police data, the cases of theft of food and expensive things have increased three times here.

Poland Theft Case: Due to the Russo-Ukrainian war, poverty, scarcity of food and drink and due to this looting and theft have also increased. After the Russian invasion, a large number of Ukrainians are refugees in Poland. Meanwhile, a report has come out in which it has been claimed that in 2022, the cases of theft in shops have increased three times. Here a local newspaper quoted police data as saying that last year 32,000 theft cases were reported here.

It has been told in the report that there has been a three-fold increase in theft of food items especially in Poland. Apart from these, theft of perfume and small electronic items has also increased here. It has been told in the report that except for the city of Lubin, cases of theft have been reported in 15 other cities.

More theft of perfume, small electronic items

Renata Jaszkiewicz, president of the Polish Trade and Distribution Organization, told that the cases of piracy have increased because of the pressure on the market and inflation due to the war. He claimed that due to inflation, people are indulging in such crimes. Describing it as a big challenge, he said that in this way difficulties have also arisen for the shopkeepers. It has been told in the report that theft of especially expensive things has increased. For example, more cases of theft have come to the fore in the shops of perfumes, spirits, and small electronic items.

Theft cases increased by 31% in Poland

Due to the Russian war, Ukrainians had to leave their country and take refuge in another country. In such a situation, a large Ukrainian population reached Poland for refuge. However, the report does not claim that piracy cases have increased because of the Russia-Ukraine war, nor is there any claim that Ukrainians have been found to be more involved in piracy. The figures quoted by the police show that in 2022 alone, theft cases have increased by 31%.

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