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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Donald Trump targeted his own close… Big attack of former Vice President

Mike Pence was once considered very close to Donald Trump. He has now said that Trump was wrong.

Former Vice President Mike Pence has strongly criticized former President Donald Trump for the riots on January 6 in the US Parliament House complex. He has said that through this riot, Trump had put the life of his family and every person present in the Parliament House in danger. He said this during the annual Gridiron dinner. His statement has come at a time when presidential elections are to be held in the country next year and both the candidates are in the race for the nomination of the candidate from the Republican Party.

Pence has not yet announced his candidacy but it is believed that he is putting his feet up for it. Since his statement, the dispute between the two leaders has deepened further. Pence said, former President Trump was wrong. He said, I had no right to overturn the election and his (Trump's) absurd statements that day (on January 6) put my family and the Capitol (Parliament House Complex) in danger.

One of Pence's sharpest criticisms

He said, I know that history will hold Donald Trump responsible for this. Pence was once considered most loyal to Trump. This statement of his is being considered as the sharpest criticism so far.

What happened on 6th January?

Pence was presiding over the formal certification of results in the 2021 presidential election. In such a situation, by January 6, Trump had put pressure on Pence to overturn President Joe Biden's election victory. But Pence refused to do so and when rioters stormed the Capitol (Parliament House complex), some said they wanted to hang Mike Pence.

The committee of the House of Representatives that investigated the attack said in its final report that the former US President had incited the mob which targeted his own Vice President.

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