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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

These 4 mistakes can make your relationship Kovid-syndrome, do this work to save the relationship

Covid Syndrome Relationship: Somewhere big changes have happened in our life since the arrival of Covid. Changes in relationships are included in these changes, where many different things have been seen in relationships after Kovid.

After the arrival of Kovid, the distance between the people started increasing a lot.

Now people have again started understanding the importance of relationships and spending time together.

Covid Syndrome Relationship: If we go back exactly two-two and a half years from today, we will find that our life was very happy. With this, we were able to give equal time to all the relationships. On the other hand, with the advent of Covid, the situation changed rapidly and we stopped giving time to our relationships. At the same time, due to this sudden happening, there was emptiness in the relationships in everyone's life. Somehow we made it through these two years. On the other hand, in today's time this situation has completely changed. Now everything is as before, but have you ever thought that are you able to give time to your relationships properly? 

What is covid syndrome?

Today, all of us have moved ahead leaving the time of the last two years. At this moment we have enthusiasm, confidence, emotions. At the same time, many people are now forming a new relationship or trying to maintain old relationships in the old way. Today we may get carried away with emotions. These feelings born due to Covid have been named as Covid Syndrome. 

Don't over-commit

today you are working with renewed enthusiasm after two years. In such a situation, do not make any commitment to anyone in exuberance, because after 2 years you are in a state of exuberance. 

Avoid making new relationships

You should not make more and more new relationships during this time, because we have not been used to it for two years. In such a situation, avoid it or make a relationship with someone after thinking carefully, make friendship. 

Don't be afraid of relationships

Let me tell you that in these 2 years many people have become used to being alone. In such a situation, do not create prejudices about people. At the same time, try to convince them that the relationship is not over yet. Along with this, if he lives alone then he can become a victim of mental illness.

Don't be too worried about saving relationships.

Don't be too worried about saving relationships. Along with this, do not consider them a burden for yourself, because this will make you feel self-conscious. 

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