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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Sleeping Pills: Know, sleeping pills are so dangerous, think 100 times before eating

People take sleeping pills to sleep. Many times these pills are used as an addiction. But indiscriminate consumption of these pills can be extremely dangerous.

Sleeping Pills Side Effects: Sleeping is a natural process. When there is fatigue in our body or to say that we are tired then we start feeling sleepy. A person cannot sleep properly in the light. People get troubled due to light falling on their eyes. People sleep for eight to ten hours at night. Although some people are able to sleep less. People who can't sleep. Those people start resorting to sleeping pills or drugs to sleep. Many people first eat these pills only for sleep. Later they get addicted. But do you know about the disadvantages of these sleeping pills. How harmful can they be? 

can go into a coma

People who take a large number of sleeping pills every day. His nervous system is affected. An imbalance arises in the brain. Those who eat more sleeping pills are at risk of going into a coma. Many times such a person sleeps and remains asleep. 

memory may be affected

People who take sleeping pills for a long time. They start having mental illness. The memory of those who take sleeping pills every day becomes very weak. Such people forget even the incident that happened immediately. Gradually it takes the form of a serious disease of the brain. 

hand tremors

Those who eat more sleeping pills may feel trembling in their hands and feet. There may be a burning sensation in the hands, feet and palate. 

blood clot formation

The nervous system is affected by the use of sleeping pills. Its effect is also seen on the blood supply. Clotting starts freezing in the blood passing through the blood vessels. Due to this the nervous system becomes very weak. 

upset stomach

The effect of taking sleeping pills for a long time can be seen on the stomach. Stomach gets upset. This causes the problem of constipation. Sometimes it even leads to diarrhoea. 

risk of heart diseases

Zopidem is found in sleeping pills. There is a risk of heart disease if it is taken in excess. There is a risk of heart attack due to its excessive consumption. The efficiency of the heart is also affected. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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