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Friday, March 17, 2023

Sells 50 lakh samosas in a year, how this street food startup did wonders

According to a figure, about six crore samosas are eaten daily in India. These samosas are of all quality. Sometimes this samosa also proves challenging for health. But the Samosa Party start up has won the hearts of millions of customers with its unique flavour.

If it is said that samosa is the most popular and special street food of India, then it will not be wrong. Its triangular appearance is quite interesting in itself. It attracts everyone. On seeing this, water comes in the mouth. Samosa is such a food which is available from small street shops to big hotels. It is popular in every class. Its popularity is the mainstay of its business.

This is the reason why Amit Nanwani and Deeksha Pandey started a startup called Samosa Party in the year 2017. Corporate level business of any street food can also be done, both of them proved it. Today the company is earning crores of rupees and is also giving employment to hundreds of people.

Very popular in bangalore

The start up started as a single takeaway store in Bangalore with eight to nine varieties of samosas. Today it has stores at 15 locations in the city. It is also available online on food delivery marketplaces and on its website.

The company receives more than 50,000 orders every month. And its customers consume about 50 lakh samosas in a year. Deeksha says- More than 80 percent of our customers are regular. They take our samosas again and again.

What is USP?

Founders Amit and Diksha say that today we have changed the way of eating samosa. Those who order online get it delivered within 30 minutes. We have different types of samosas. People like the taste of every variety. This is the reason why people are liking it a lot.

12 types of samosas are sold here. The menu always changes as well. They make different types of samosas especially during any festival. According to the start up records, they sold around 8 lakh samosas even during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Where did the inspiration come from?

The founders of Samosa Party say that when we went to cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon, we found that tasty and nutritious street food was almost non-existent here. This was equally true for samosas as well. While it is the most eaten food in India.

Amit says that when it comes to samosas, it is often discussed about its effect on health along with taste. So we thought that samosa should be such that it is not harmful for health.

Now ready to expand

Together Amit and Diksha are planning for its expansion. There is a plan to expand the Samosa Party in and around the country's capital Delhi. Co-founder Diksha says that she has received a lot of requests from customers wanting ready-to-eat or ready-to-fry dishes. That's why attention is being paid to this. Preparations are on to make inroads into the market in Hyderabad's NCR and Chennai.

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