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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Russia US Tensions: 'America is making toxic weapons by funding Ukrainian bio-lab', Russia claims - we got evidence, danger looming


Russia Ukraine Conflict: The year-long war between Russia and Ukraine is not taking the name of ending. The Russian government says that this war was started by America and its allies. Now Russia has made another big claim. Russia says that America is funding the biochemical lab built in Ukraine. Where biological and chemical weapons are being prepared.

Russia's Defense Ministry, led by Vladimir Putin, said on Saturday, "We have evidence that the US is funding a biochemical lab in Ukraine and that military bio-activities are being conducted in that lab." Are." The Russian military commander said, "They are preparing deadly biological and chemical weapons."

Russia's serious allegations against America

At present, the US government has not said anything on Russia's allegations, although since the start of the Ukraine war, Russia has been claiming that America is operating many labs in Ukraine. The American government had agreed to that, but Russia's recent claim will never be accepted by America. Because, Russia has accused America of preparing biological and chemical weapons. According to media reports, several official statements of the US government said that the labs which were funded by the US have been de-activated.

'Dangerous activities are being carried out inside Ukraine' 

Quoting the Russian Defense Ministry, news agency reported that a report on Washington's International Pathogen Research Program has been presented in Moscow. Where the commander of Russia's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov said that dangerous pathogens are being used in a US-run lab inside Ukraine. Igor Kirillov said, "We have received many documents which show that the US and Ukraine are working together in the bio-lab."

'Dangerous pathogens being used in the lab'

Russian Lieutenant General Igor has warned his officials that America and Ukraine can use the research being done in the lab against Russia. He has said that these dangerous pathogens being used in the lab can cause diseases like cholera. Along with this, the risk of getting many types of flu will arise.

'First America wanted to do this in Indonesia'

The Russian Defense Ministry said that many countries are concerned about US military biological activities. According to Igor Kirillov, "Earlier, Indonesia had said that its land was unsuitable for the US military biological laboratory NAMRU-2. After that the US decided to fulfill its plans in Ukraine."

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