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Saturday, March 11, 2023

People imprisoned in homes, school-college closed, situation like lockdown after fire in Kochi

This situation has arisen after a huge fire broke out in the dump yard of Kochi city.

Kochi city of Kerala is currently facing a lot of trouble. This gas chamber has been built for the last one week, due to which people are facing a lot of difficulty in breathing. There is only smoke in the sky. People are being forced to wear masks. The situation has worsened so much that a lockdown-like situation has been created there. People have to stay imprisoned in homes.

In fact, a week ago, a fierce fire broke out in the dumping yard of Brahmapuram area of ​​Kochi city, after which this situation has arisen. According to the information, the firefighters had controlled it on the second day of the fire, but despite this, the smoke spread, after which the situation is continuously deteriorating. Many residents have complained of breathing problems due to the smoke, while many have complained of burning sensation in the eyes and throat.

Government has issued special instructions for the people

Meanwhile, the Kerala government has asked people to use N95 masks while going out. Apart from this, people have been asked to avoid jogging outside till the situation improves. Apart from this, the District Medical Officer has set up a 24×7 control room. At the same time, all schools and colleges in Kochi and neighboring Ernakulam have been closed.

Apart from this, there are only a few people on the roads. Those who are seen outside have put on masks. Children and the elderly are locked in homes. According to the information, at least 50,000 tonnes of garbage had caught fire in Kochi's dump yard. Fire department officials said that they have been able to control the smoke coming out of 70 per cent of the affected area. Work is on to completely remove the smoke from the remaining 30 percent. Smoldering plastic waste is a big problem here.

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