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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Tips and Tricks: Do this work before running AC in summer, otherwise you will get fat

AC Tips: Before running the Air Conditioner in summer, you people have some important work which should be done, otherwise later you may also get fat. What are these works, let us know.

AC Tips: The summer season has come, even fans have started running in many houses. If you are also thinking of running Air Conditioner soon , then today we are going to give some important information to you. Your AC, which has been closed for months, should not get damaged due to one mistake of yours, often people turn on the AC as soon as summer comes, but this should not be done. There are some important things which are wise to do before running the AC in summer , if these things are not done first then later on you may also get fat.

AC service is most important

Before running the AC which has been closed for months in the summer season, you should keep some important things in mind, like it is very important to get the AC serviced before running the AC.

By doing this, not only will you get cool air in the summer season, but servicing it from time to time will increase the life of your AC. On the other hand, if you run the AC without getting it serviced, then it may happen that your AC cools the room late, which will increase your electricity consumption, which directly means a higher electricity bill.

This work related to AC Gas is very important

As important as it is to get AC service done, it is equally important to check the gas in the air conditioner. You have also turned on the AC as soon as the summer comes without checking the gas, then it is possible that even after running the AC for hours, you may not get cool air. If the cooling is less then it is said that the pressure on the compressor increases due to which it can also get damaged. Damage to the compressor means fat loss.

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