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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Influenza B also attacks among H3N2 virus, know what are the symptoms and methods of prevention

Influenza B Virus Symptoms:
The samples of flu patients are being taken in three labs of Delhi, the capital of the country. Influenza B is also being found in about 30 percent of these patients.

Influenza B Virus: After the Kovid virus in the country, now influenza is also coming in the form of different strains. Cases of subtype h3n2 virus of influenza A are increasing rapidly in the country. Meanwhile, cases of influenza B have also started coming. Influenza B is being found in 30 percent of the samples of flu patients being taken in three labs of the country's capital Delhi. Doctors say that this is also a subtype of influenza virus, which is similar to H3N2. Infection with influenza B also causes cough-cold and mild fever.

There are four subtypes of influenza virus. These include influenza A, B, C and D. H3N2 is a subtype virus of influenza A, which is formed by mutating from H1N1. Whereas, there is no subtype of influenza B. Its strains can be different. There is little change in its strain. Because of this, it does not take a serious form and there is no danger of any epidemic.

What is dangerous influenza B?

Senior Physician Dr. Kamaljit Singh Kainth in Delhi explains that influenza B is also a flu. Because of this, there can also be complaints of cough and cold, sore throat and mild fever. Cases of influenza B also come in this season. It is less contagious than the subtype H3N2 of influenza A. Infection with influenza B does not cause serious illness. Its infection also does not happen fast. There is no need to panic if infected by it. This is a seasonal flu which occurs in this season. Its cases come to the fore between January and March in the country.

How to defend

Dr. Singh says that the methods of prevention from influenza B are also the same as from Covid and H3N2.

wear a mask

take care of cleanliness

ship by hand

Do not take medicine without doctors advice

Consult a doctor if symptoms persist for more than two days

do not come in contact with an infected person

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