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Friday, March 10, 2023

India will get US ambassador soon! 'Clocher Motion' bet for appointment

US Ambassador to India: Kenneth Juster, the previous US Ambassador to New Delhi, had resigned from this post two years ago in January 2021 after the change of power in America.

Washington: After a long wait, there is hope that America will soon have its own permanent ambassador in New Delhi. This important post has been vacant in America for a long time. Meanwhile, the process for the appointment of Eric Garcetti as the US Ambassador to India has moved a step further after the US Senate approved a cloture motion indicating that the ruling Democrats have a majority in this regard. is achieved.

A cloture motion is a Senate procedure that limits the time for consideration of a pending motion. The move by Senate Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer came a day after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved Eric Garcetti's nomination by a 13-8 vote on Wednesday.

Nominated in July 2021

Garcetti's nomination proposal was not put to a vote in the Senate in the last session of Parliament because the ruling Democratic Party did not have the numbers to approve his nomination. Two Republican lawmakers (Todd Young and Bill Haggerty) endorsed Garcetti's nomination on Wednesday afternoon. Through the Senate committee, he along with the Democrats approved the proposal to be taken forward.

Eric Garcetti (52) is the former mayor of Los Angeles. US President Joe Biden first nominated him for the post of US Ambassador to India in July 2021 itself. But after that a consensus could not be formed in the US Parliament on his name. His nomination for this prestigious post in the US Parliament is pending since then.

A Clerk of the Senate tabled the nomination of Erici Garcetti as the US Ambassador to India on Thursday afternoon. Schumer said, "I second the cloture motion."

Appointment stuck due to opposition from MPs

Significantly, in the first two years of Joe Biden's presidential term, Garcetti's nomination could not be approved because some lawmakers opposed his appointment, saying that he had sexually assaulted one of his senior advisers during his tenure as mayor. had failed to effectively deal with the allegations of Biden nominated Garcetti for the post again this January.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley this week called for a vote against Garcetti, while Republican Senator Young defended the decision to vote for Garcetti. The US State Department also thanked the Senate committee for approving the nomination of Garcetti as the US Ambassador to India. He said that India is an important country for America and it is in the interest of America to have a permanent ambassador there.

The previous US Ambassador to India, Kenneth Juster, resigned from this post in January 2021 after the change of power in the US.

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