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Friday, March 10, 2023

How a mechanic became the owner of a company worth crores, know the story of Servotech Power

Brand Story Servotech has its own special place in the electronics market. The company has also taken international flight in the last thirty years. Recently tied up with a UK company. How to achieve this position, read here.

This success story can boost anyone's spirits. A man who once worked as a mechanic at an electronics shop, sometimes used to pull a rickshaw, sometimes used to sell newspapers, and did many odd jobs to earn a living for his life and family, but one day fate turned his back . . In today's date, he is the owner of Servotech Power System Limited, a company worth crores . And giving employment to hundreds of people.

Raman Bhatia, 46, started his business in the year 1991 itself. But it was not easy to reach this point today. From the age of fifteen, he had started a working life full of struggles. He worked from normal wages to many companies and then turned towards his business.

How did you get the inspiration to start the company?

When Raman Bhatia completed his graduation, like other unemployed youth, he too needed a job. During this, he applied in Videocon company. Called for interview. But the salary offered to him during the interview was disappointing. Raman Bhatia thought how would he survive with such a low salary?

Disappointed Raman returned home and pushed himself towards doing something else. First start the job of your choice. He had a lot of interest in electronics, so he accepted to become a mechanic. First worked in someone's shop and then opened my own shop. That's where entrepreneurship started.

Life took a turn in 1991

Raman Bhatia first made the stabilizer. This was the time when there were big size stabilizers in the market. Same was the case with the inverter. And the price was also high. In such a situation, he started making small sized inverters. Raman Bhatia has told in a media interview that his work went on seeing this. Lots of people liked it. And by the year 1994 he earned around Rs 40 lakh.

Courage got a new destination

Enthused by his business, Raman Bhatia decided to move forward in the inverter business. He formed his own company named Bhatia Electronics . After this he started a new range of inverters called Servotech . Which became popular in no time.

Also faced difficulties

According to Raman Bhatia, it is not easy to make business profitable continuously. There are ups and downs in this. His business slowed down first during demonetisation and then during the Covid era. But as soon as the havoc of Kovid ended, the business of his company again picked up pace. In the era of Kovid, Raman Bhatia showed a lot of activism to help the patients.

In the year 2022, Servotech has tied up with a UK company. As on date, his company is NSE listed and its turnover is Rs 135 crores.

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