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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

H3N2 virus can be fatal for kidney patients, if you see these symptoms, get treatment immediately

H3N2 Virus and Kidney: Doctors say that kidney dialysis and kidney transplant patients have to be protected from influenza. This virus can cause severe symptoms in these patients.

H3N2 Virus: After Kovid-19, now the cases of subtype H3N2 of influenza are increasing in the whole country. This virus has killed three patients in India. However, it usually only causes mild illness. Only those with weak immunity are at risk of serious illness. But this virus is also harming other parts of the body. Doctors say that H3N2 influenza can cause serious harm to patients already suffering from kidney disease.

Influenza, also known as the flu virus, can have potentially serious effects on the kidneys. Severely ill patients with influenza can develop acute kidney failure in up to 30% of cases. People who already have diabetes, heart disease or any other serious disease, they also need to be cautious.

Patients on dialysis and kidney transplant take care

If influenza infection occurs in dialysis and kidney transplant patients, it can be very dangerous. Due to this, patients can even have heart related problems. Dr. Himanshu Sharma says that the risk of any virus is more in patients with chronic kidney disease. In such a situation, people who have serious kidney disease need to be cautious. Influenza has to be prevented while undergoing dialysis or while going out of the house. If a kidney patient gets this virus, then the situation can worsen.

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Patients with kidney disease should wear a mask

prevent infection while visiting the hospital

do not come in contact with an infected person

wash your hands before eating

Take care of cleanliness.

Flu vaccine can also protect

Dr. Himanshu says that patients on kidney dialysis and after kidney transplant should get influenza vaccination done. Along with this, kidney specialist doctor should be visited regularly. If kidney patients are seeing any symptoms of flu, then go to the hospital. Do not be careless in this matter at all. Delay can also worsen the situation.

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