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Monday, March 13, 2023

Equipped with Nuclear, 1500 km range, such is the power of North Korea's cruise missile

North Korea Missile Test-Fire: North Korea has once again fired a missile before the start of the military exercise between the American and South Korean forces. Dictator Kim has test-fired the Strategic Cruise Missile this time.

North Korea Missile Test: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has once again fired a strategic cruise missile. North Korea has fired deadly cruise missiles from underwater submarines. The recent strategic test-fire has been done in protest against the joint military exercise between the US and South Korean forces. The term 'strategic' is generally used for missiles that are equipped with nuclear capability.

North Korean state news agency KCNA reported that the system's reliability was confirmed by the launch of the cruise missile from an underwater submarine, which is part of North Korea's modernization policy. North Korea, this is not the first time that this kind of testing has been done while showing eye to America. In the month of February, dictator Kim had tested the short range intercontinental ballistic missile.

Kim has tested dozens of such missiles. The firepower of the latest cruise missile is 1500 km. North Korea has not shared more information about the missile, but it is believed that North Korea has developed technology to link such missiles with nuclear warheads.

South Korean army was on alert

The South Korea Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) said that the South Korean army was already on alert and the country's intelligence agency was constantly working with US officials. After the missile test firing, South Korean JCS said that now they are analyzing it in detail.

US-South Korean joint military exercise

An 11-day military exercise between the South Korean army and the US military named 'Freedom Shield 2023' was to begin from Monday, when North Korea fired a strategic cruise missile. This type of exercise was to be held for the first time after 2017, with the aim of preparing a joint security posture. It has been said in the joint statement of both the armies that during this time the focus will be on field exercises and landing and how to fight the war jointly.

8 ballistic missiles fired simultaneously in June 2022

North Korea keeps on test-firing cruise-ballistic missiles every day, which the western country believes is a rehearsal for the invasion. In the last few years, the North Korean dictator has carried out dozens of tests. These include testing of 8 short range ballistic missiles simultaneously in June 2022, which is believed to be North Korea's largest missile test.

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