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Thursday, March 9, 2023

55 thousand drowned in the process of increasing followers on Instagram, scammers cheated like this

If you too carelessly hand over your smartphone to children, then be alert. The latest case of cheating may surprise you.

With the advent of new technology, the cases of Cyber ​​Fraud have also increased rapidly. The recent case of cyber fraud is related to Instagram. In fact, this time the scammer tricked a 16-year-old girl to increase her followers on Instagram. In return, the fraudsters cheated thousands of rupees.

It so happened that the victim of fraud was using the social media account on her father's smartphone. According to the police, when the girl was watching Instagram Reels, she received a follow request from a person named Sonali Singh. After this, his conversation with Sonali started. After this, Victim was lured to increase 50,000 followers on Instagram. In return, Sonali demanded Rs 55,000.

Ask for money by sending QR code

The scammer sent a QR code to the girl . After this the girl scanned this code to transfer from her father's Google Pay account. After some time of transferring the money, when the girl realized that there was no increase in the number of her followers. After this he talked to Sonali and asked for his money back. On this the scammer avoided him with another excuse. Not only this, the scammer also tried to return the money.

55000 drowned in the affair of followers

According to the police, the girl is a school student. He transacted 8 different times from his father's account and transferred a total of Rs 55,128. When the girl's father checked his phone, he found that his bank account was empty. After this the girl informed him about this whole matter. After knowing everything, the girl's father went to the police and lodged a complaint on this matter.

Police tracing id

On this matter, the police has said that it is tracing the UPI ID of the scammer. Also, a case has been registered under the Information Technology Act and the Indian Criminal Code.

What to do to avoid

Ignoring children by giving them phones can put you in trouble. If you are using banking apps and payment apps on your smartphone, then the risk can increase even more. To avoid this kind of online fraud, it would be better to put a separate security code on Payment Apps.

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