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Monday, February 27, 2023

Your favorite Nokia has changed… New avatar seen after 60 years

Nokia Logo: In the updated logo, the word NOKIA has been made using five different shapes. In place of the old iconic blue colour, the new logo includes a new range of colors depending on the requirement.

Nokia New Logo: Veteran technology firm Nokia ( NOKIA ) has launched a new logo on Sunday. For the first time in almost 60 years, the company announced to change the identity of Nokia with the new logo, replacing the old logo. Actually, the company making telecom devices is focusing on aggressive growth. The new ones include five different shapes that make up the word NOKIA. The iconic blue color of the old logo has been ditched for the new range of colours. Now new colors can be used according to the need.

On changing the logo of Nokia, the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pekka Lundmark has clarified the stand of the company. According to media reports, he told in an interview, “(Nokia) had an association with smartphones and nowadays we are a business technology company.”

Nokia: Three Stage Strategy

Lundmark was speaking about the business update made by the company on the eve of the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) event, which begins in Barcelona on Monday and will go on till March 2. After taking over the top position at the Finnish company in 2020, Lundmark laid out a strategy with three stages: reset, accelerate and scale. Lundmark said that with the completion of the reset stage, the second stage is about to begin.

Sales increased from Nokia

Nokia still aims to grow the service provider business, where it sells equipment to telecom companies. “We had a very good 21% growth in enterprise last year, which currently accounts for about 8% of our sales, (or) 2 billion euros (about Rs 17,474 crore),” Lundmark said. He further said that the company wants to take it to double digit as soon as possible.

Planning ahead

Telecom gear manufacturers such as Nokia are partnering with major technology firms to sell gear for private 5G networks and automated factories to customers, mostly in the manufacturing sector. Nokia is planning to review the growth of its different businesses and consider other options including disinvestment.

"The signal is clear, we only want to be in a business where we can see global leadership leadership," Lundmark said. Nokia's growing steps towards factory automation and datacenter are pointing towards competition with big tech companies like Microsoft (Microsoft) and Amazon (Amazon).

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