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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Will 'Annapurna Atta' and 'Captain Cook Salt' make a comeback? HUL did this big deal

Popular brands of packaged flour and salt 'Annapurna' and 'Captain Cook' can make a comeback in the Indian market with a bang. A big deal has been done for this, after which a Singapore company is going to become the new owner of these brands.

One of the oldest brands of packaged flour in India, 'Annapurna', and 'Captain Cook', a brand of salt, have become a big deal. A Singapore company is going to buy both these brands for Rs 60.4 crore. It is expected that after this deal both these brands can make a strong comeback in the Indian market as their presence has reduced considerably.

Hindustan Unilever currently owns the 'Annapurna' and 'Captain Cook' brands. Whereas now Singapore's Reactivate Brands International has made up its mind to buy it.

What's included in the deal?

Under the deal between the two companies, Hindustan Unilever will transfer the trademarks and copyrights of both the brands. At the same time, whatever intellectual property rights these two brands have in the Indian market and other markets will also be handed over to Reactivate Brands International of Singapore.

However, until this deal is completed, the business of both the brands will be handled by Hindustan Unilever. This deal is expected to be completed in 3 months.

Brand over 20 years old

Hindustan Unilever has made a strategy to come out of the non-core category. Meanwhile, the company's CEO and Managing Director Sanjeev Mehta says that both the brands were launched more than 20 years ago. Both have a hold in the market. But we believe that for the betterment of the business of both these brands, a plan has been made to sell them to Reactivate Brands International.

Reactivate Brands' Indian subsidiary Uma Global Foods and Uma Consumer Products will buy the 'Annapurna' and 'Captain Cook' brands. In the financial year 2021-22, the sale of both these brands was Rs 127 crore.

Competition with these companies

The market of packaged flour is growing rapidly in the Indian market. Brands like Shaktibhog, Rajdhani, Aashirwad hold a stronger hold than before. At the same time, brands like Patanjali, Fortune, Pillsbury and Nature Fresh are also in the market. Apart from this, recently Reliance Industries has entered this segment under the brand name 'Independent'.

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